Coming Soon Eddie Attar's New Video "Delo Bede"

January 7, 2019

Radio Javan is excited to announce the upcoming music video for Eddie Attar's mega-hit track "Delo Bede'! This song was part of Eddie's first album "Hame Midoonan" which was released at the end of last summer. With songs such as "Delo Bede", "Aramesh", and "Jadidan", the album achieved a lot of great feedback from listeners. "Delo Bede" is the main dance track from the album and has over 9 million plays on RJ since it's release. The video for the song was filmed with the team of director Peyman Soheili and Hafez Safavi in Toronto this winter.

Be the first to watch the premiere of Eddie Attar's video "Delo Bede" on Wednesday, January 16th exclusively on Radio Javan!